Is the Vet's Kibble Better for my cat?

As we often say, "eating well is the beginning of happiness!" ". So, to make your cat happy and keep him healthy the first step is to feed him well and you are looking for the best kibble on the market.

Not only are there a multitude of varieties of kibble, but in addition, these foods are sold in places as diverse as they are varied: from the supermarket to the pet store, including the veterinarian.

Suddenly, you wonder if the quality of a kibble has a relation to its place of sale, more precisely if the kibble from the veterinarian is the best on the market.

So are vet's kibbles the best for your cat? Or is it just the more expensive standard kibble?

The characteristics of the ideal kibble for your cat

Is the Vet's Kibble Better for my cat

First and foremost, regardless of the brand and the place of sale, the ideal kibble for your cat is the one that comes as close as possible to its carnivorous diet.

So it must consist mainly of meat and / or fish (animal protein), at a rate of at least 40 to 50%, and contain as few carbohydrates as possible from cereals, peas, potatoes and others. starchy foods, at most 20%!

In addition to avoid health problems for your cat, the food must be limited in fat, imperatively of animal origin (between 15 and 25%) and especially in minerals (calcium: between 1 and 3%, phosphorus: 1% , and magnesium: less than 0.1%).

Premium kibble, the best for your little feline

Taste of The Wild cat food

On the market, you will find, depending on the standard, 2 types of kibble:

  • Standard kibble, generally sold in supermarkets
  • Premium kibble , found in pet stores, specialty stores and veterinarians.

But beware, some brands do not hesitate to pass their kibble off as premium kibble by reselling them at a higher price only to veterinarians interested in turnover.

Standard kibble very rarely, if ever, meets the minimum requirements for healthy kibble for your cat.

As you will have understood, most premium kibbles with a high meat content are healthy for your hairball! In this article, you will find a list of premium grain-free dry food that is good for your cat.

However, the most expensive kibbles are not necessarily the best

Premium kibbles are more expensive to buy than standard kibbles. But that doesn't mean the most expensive kibble is necessarily the best. This is for a long time what a handful of unscrupulous veterinarians did by selling standard kibbles a little better at the price of good quality ones.


To find the right kibble for your little feline, in addition to opting for premiums, check the composition to make sure that the food meets the conditions described above.

At least 40 to 50% animal protein!

You can also check that its ingredients are of good quality, generally, the more the manufacturer is precise on the origin of the ingredients, the better the quality of the kibble, here I am thinking for example of Ultra Premium direct which indicates the origin of the materials first.

In the end, veterinary kibble is not always synonymous with quality!

In view of all that has been said, you understand that the place of sale of the croquette is not always a guarantee of quality. All you have to do at the time of purchase is check the rates and quality of the kibble ingredients on the package.

Thus, it is possible for you to find very expensive kibble at your veterinarian, but however of lower quality than kibble s a little less expensive and sold in pet stores or in specialized stores or found on the Internet.

In addition, some veterinarians, having received large sums from kibble manufacturers, agree to highlight their products in their practice while knowing full well that they are not 100% good for kitty!

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