Litter Box or Toilet House for your cat: What is the Best Solution?

As you know, cats are very clean animals and like to have their quiet corner to relieve themselves.

If you have just adopted your cat, you must havea store like gone and realized that on the market, you are offered two types of equipment and you find yourself faced with the thorny problem of choice. between the litter box and the toilet house.

In the rest of this article, you will find all the elements that will allow you to easily choose between these two types of litter boxes.

The cat

Litter Box or Toilet House for your cat

toilet house Curver toilet house with drawer.

If the toilet house appeals to you, go to our full article to choose and buy a cat toilet house.

Technically, a classic toilet house is a litter box provided in addition with a (removable) roof and various accessories such as the hinged door, the charcoal filter, the drawer, etc.

The self-cleaning toilet house is a classic toilet which has the particularity of cleaning itself and of having other advanced functions such as the presence of the cat detector…

The advantages of the toilet

The toilet has the advantage of making your life easier. They are much easier to maintain than traditional litter boxes and, being confined, they retain and absorb (thanks to carbon filters) completely bad odors. In addition, because of their discretion, cats love them!

The disadvantages of the toilet house

Although they are not always suitable for very large cats, the main disadvantage of the toilet houses is the acquisition cost (from 20 to over 200 euros), which is much higher than that of a litter box.

To this cost is added the operating cost (electricity consumption, purchase of batteries, replacement of various accessories such as the carbon filter, spare cartridges, etc.) only for self-cleaning toilet facilities.

The cat litter box

The classic litter box

If you like the litter box, go to our full article to choose and buy a cat litter box.

The advantages of the litter box

Being a simple open box, the litter box is commercially available in various sizes, both small and large. Thus it is suitable for small cats but also for the largest cats that may exist. It is also very useful if you have several cats. Finally, it has the advantage of being really cheaper (around 5 euros).

The drawbacks of the litter box

The cat, being a very modest animal, needs a discreet, calm and safe place to defecate. Since the litter box is open, it does not meet all of these conditions. So a lot of cats don't like litter boxes.


In addition, the container being open, does not have the capacity to contain bad odors and possible splinters of urine and feces of the cat. So with the use of a litter box, chances are you won't smell like roses in your house.

Finally, the litter box requires a lot of maintenance. The litter box should be cleaned every day, completely changed every week, and the box washed every week. The choice of a good litter is even more important, a litter that retains odors well is essential.

Note that if the bin is not cleaned well (or even is cleaned with a product whose odor your cat does not like), it is quite possible that your cat will no longer use it more than the products you use could. poison your cat.

In conclusion… litter box or toilet house: what to choose?

Whatever type of accessory you want, the choice of a litter box or a toilet house is made according to 4 criteria : the size and number of cats you have, the ease of cleaning and maintenance, the ability to retain odors and finally the price.

There are only advantages to using a toilet house for your cat, compared to a traditional litter box, of course if you are not budget-conscious.

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