What is the best way to feed your cat?


The cat is a carnivore, that is to say that it feeds mainly on the flesh of meat or fish. In addition, because of his tiny stomach, he needs to eat more than ten times a day, in small amounts.

So, in theory, the best food for your cat is fresh meat that is always available. In practice, it is much more complicated than that. The best food is the one that combines a balanced diet on the cat side, and the least stress for you.

What type of food should you give your cat?

Overall to feed your cat there are 3 types ofcat food available to you: ready-to-use wet food with cat food, dry food with kibble, and food with food raw called raw food.

All of these ways of feeding your little kitty are the same, and each can meet a cat's nutritional needs. But, depending on the cat's age, physical condition, your availability but also your budget constraints, each of these feeding methods has its advantages and limitations.

To summarize what we recommend at Univers Chat

The three types of food that we give to our cats are all equivalent from a nutritional point of view at the same level of quality, because it should be remembered that the vast majority of brands of You are not feeding good quality food for your cat.

For our part, we consider that the croquettes are what is best for the cat and us as the owner. On the sole condition of purchasing cereal-free kibbles and with the minimum of legumes in it.

Cat food: Cats love it

Available in sachet or box form, cat food is the ideal wet fooddry food alternative to. The best pâtés on the market are designed to provide your hairball with all the nutrients it needs to thrive and stay healthy. With its high humidity, the mash also covers part of the cat's water needs. This makes it particularly recommended for cats with little drinkers.

Apart from the fact that it promotes the formation of tartar on the teeth of the cat, the food does not present a major disadvantage for the cat. Its main drawbacks are budgetary and practical, and therefore linked to the owner of the cat.

From a practical point of view, the food still has a problem, it does not keep indefinitely in your cat's bowl. You should therefore give it to your cat several times a day and often at his request.

Remember, like any industrially produced food, you must pay attention and read the composition to verify that there are no unnecessary products in the components of your cat's food.

Dry: Convenient and just as nourishing

foodLike food, the best dry food on the market is developed to get as close as possible to your cat's strict carnivorous diet. Unlike mash, croquette is a dry food, which makes it much more convenient. It keeps more easily, does not deteriorate on prolonged contact with ambient air, and also, reduces the formation of tartar in the mouth of your little feline.

Also, as it is an industrial product, it is not 100% natural, rich and balanced, or at least not as much as a real prey hunted by the cat in nature, it is also necessary to consider that the drymanufacturers have a very strong lobby on the quality perceived by many animal professionals, foodcapable of making cats eat grass.

Remember, like any industrially produced food, you must pay attention and read the composition to verify that no unnecessary products are in the components of your cat's kibble. We recommend that you read our guide to the best dry cat food.


It is important when you feed your cat kibble, to make absolutely sure that he has water available, at the risk of seeing him develop kidney and urinary insufficiency.

A rather practical point for obese cats, kibbles are also a good way to treat weight problems, a diet is very easy to implement without counting the side effects:

  • It is easier to ration in cats according to its energy needs.
  • The satiety effect is stronger due to the longer chewing of food by the cat.

Raw Feeding or BARF: Like a wild cat

The BARF (“Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”, which means in French “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”) consists in feeding your cat with raw food such as muscles, cartilage, viscera. and other specific parts of animals, to simulate the nutritional intake of real prey.

Absolutely, this is the best food for your cat, but also the most demandingdiet and difficultto implement on a daily basis.

Even though this is the diet that is 100% that of a domestic feline like cats, raw food requires a lot of care in its implementation. The pieces of meat must be chosen, preserved and cleaned with the greatest care, at the risk of bacterial contamination of your cat, in particular with salmonellosis.

The raw feeding is a way of feeding a cat that you require a lot more effort, much time and too much money, but be careful not to fall either into the trap of cooking for your catis more than futile for him.

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