Why do cats love olives so much?

Why do cats love olives so much?


As you have noticed, in the presence of olives, your cat can display a strange and curious behavior. From euphoria to excitement, he can even sound like a junkie. What's happening !

Olives actually have an irresistible effect on cats, he could spend hours inhaling their scent. But how can you explain your cat's attraction to this plant and the olives for the aperitif? Is it safe for his health? Or can you give it to him?

Why do cats love and rub against olives?

Olives have very strange effects on cats, but they love them! The olives excite them sexually, they soothe them and make them gagas, in addition to participating in their metabolism.

  • The arousing effect: Olives produce the same arousing effects as catnipcatnip,. The essence of these plants stimulates the nervous system of cats and causes the secretion of pheromones as during mating. Their reproductive instincts are therefore very strong at this time. We are therefore not surprised that they love to consume olives and put them everywhere.
  • Antidepressant and euphoric effect: Olives contain nepetalactone, which acts on the feline as an antidepressant and a hallucinogen. It is, so to speak, a drug for cats, just like cannabis for humans. But there is no risk of sequelae and the effects wear off in just 15 minutes.
  • The nutritive effect: For some people, cats' love of olives also finds meaning in their nutritive action. Fed mainly on meat, cats would be deprived of folic acid important for the synthesis of hemoglobin and present in plants with essential oils such as olives. But, this is not a reason to feed your carnivore with olives.

Can you give your cat olives and olive oil to eat regularly?

While olives are safe for your cat, feeding them regularly isn't normal. On the contrary, it would actually be very stupid and unnecessary to do so. The cat is not a herbivore, it does not need this type of food, it does not give it any nutritional value.


The cat mainly feeds on meat. But you can occasionally give him olives or olive oil to eat or sniff, for his pleasure. This can help congratulate him on some special occasions; or rather to appease him when he is stressed, sick, or if he suffers from pain.

Also, you can use the scent of olives to attract your cat to where you want him to spend more time. Rub a few olives on his new toys, his litter box, his cat tree or his scratching post, and he will stick peace to your furniture.

Is it dangerous to feed my cat olives?

The cat is a wise and rather wary feline in general, especially when it comes to its diet. His highly developed sense of smell prompts him to smell each food before consuming it. So if he loves to eat or rub with olives, we can reasonably deduce that they pose no risk to his health.

In addition, from the positive effects of olives on cats, it is clear that they participate in the well-being of your cat by allowing good emotional health.

However, don't be fooled into believing that olives contribute to the energy needs of your little furball. His diet should always be healthy, balanced and consistent to cover his needs. It could even be revised upwards if the olives push him to spend too much, that's how it should be seen.

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