Why does my cat disappear for days?


Are you worried that your cat will keep running away or disappearing for days? But where is he ? What is he doing during this time?

Note that several reasons can lead your cat to abandon the comfort of your home for several days in a row. The desire to discover new places, the exploration of its territory, the distraction, the search for a partner or the need for solitude among others.

Here are some explanations to help you understand this behavior of your little feline, as well as our advice to prevent it from disappearing too often and above all a method to find it very easily.

He wants to discover new places

You should know that our feline companions are by nature endowed with an adventurous temperament. Their domestication and indoor life have not changed this innate character in most individuals of the species.

Indeed, driven by his great curiosity and his taste for adventure with which his hunting instinct can mingle, this little feline can take it into his head to discover new places or hunting grounds.

This is how your cat may be tempted to look beyond the surrounding block, venture into more distant territories, and only come home after several days.

He has a large territory long to explore

The repeated or prolonged absences of your furball can also be explained by the vast expanse of its territory which it must explore and monitor. Contrary to the idea that the masters have, this territory is not always limited to the house and its surroundings, the program The Secret Life of Cats has shown it.

In reality, your feline is the only one who can decide the extent of its territory. It can go well beyond the neighborhood, cross roads and woods, taking into account of course the limits set by its congeners or other animals living in the same neighborhood.

Moreover, this territory can be structured or organized into different specific areas generally according to the needs of the cat who controls it. He will thus have, within his territory, areas of games, rest and hunting grounds, etc ... whose exploration or surveillance will earn him long periods of absence.

He got lost

It is rather rare that a cat can get lost. Indeed, when they move, cats have the habit of leaving olfactory traces. These are the pheromones that they spread when they rub against a tree or when they emit jets of urine. It is these scent markers that will help him find his way home.

Despite these natural advantages, it can happen that a cat frightened by a loud noise or launched in pursuit of prey gets out of its way or wanders far too far. He may then have some difficulty finding his way and wander for a few days before reaching the house.

He was stuck somewhere

Another possible reason why your cat goes missing for days is the assumption that he got locked up or stuck somewhere. Indeed, animated by his curiosity or stubborn in catching a prey, your cat can venture into a garage, a barn or a shelter and find himself trapped.

In the same sense, it can happen that your cat finds himself locked up while he was looking for a place to shelter while the rain passes. Or simply a quiet corner to rest and take a nap in complete discretion.

Either way, if your cat goes missing and you suspect he's stuck, you can start by walking around your neighborhood calling out his name. At the sound of your voice, it can start to meow and indicate its position to you. Also, do not hesitate to alert your neighbors where he may have found himself locked up.

He is looking for a partner

The need to mate is a common reason that can push a cat to desert the comfort of his owner's home for several days in a row. If your cat is not spayed or neutered, it is quite possible that he is looking for a partner to satisfy his sexual urges.

This behavior is more accentuated in males who can sense the peculiar smell of females in heat over long distances. That being said, it often happens that cats in rutting season themselves start looking for males to mate, without going too far.

In the event of a runaway or disappearance linked to the reproductive instinct, one of the best solutions remains the castration or sterilization of your cat. The latter will become more homey and will no longer tend to wander for long days in order to satisfy this irresistible need.

He seeks solitude

It may seem surprising to you, but your cat can also disappear for days on end because he feels the need to be alone.

This step towards loneliness can itself be explained by various reasons. In particular, a sudden change in his routine or in his environment, or even the arrival of a new member in his family ... All these changes can be a source of stress for your cat and justify that he feels the need to move away. a little to calm down in solitude.

Bonus: Want to know where your cat is going? Use a GPS CollarGPS

The Collar is a great and practical invention that allows you to solve the problem of locating your cat. This is a high-tech device equipped with a mini GPS tracker that you can simply hang on your cat's collar or harness to track its movements.


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WITHOUT DISTANCE LIMIT - The GPS tracker works without distance limit. You follow your cat from your phone (iPhone and Android) wherever it is in the world (more than 100 countries covered)

REAL-TIME GPS TRACKING - The GPS beacon sends its position permanently: up to one position every 10 seconds. Location is unlimited

DRESSAGE - Ring your cat's tracker at every meal. It will combine the two events. Therefore a ringtone will be enough to make it come home

BATTERY - The battery lasts between 2 to 4 days in daily use (this may depend on the time spent in motion, the strength of the GPS signal and the 2G network). It recharges in 2 hours


SUBSCRIPTION - The GPS tracker is equipped with a SIM card (supplied). It therefore requires a subscription to cover the service costs - from € 3.50 per month (for a 2-year prepaid subscription)

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Connected to your phone through an application, the device then indicates the location of your cat in real time and the route that leads to it. So if he is away after a few hours, gets lost or gets stuck somewhere, you can easily find him and bring him home.

More than a simple geolocation tool, the GPS tracker is also a real window open to the secret life of your cat. Depending on the features that the model includes, you will be able to track your cat's activity. You can also have a history of his movements to know which are his favorite places when he leaves the house or set up a security perimeter to prevent him from running away.

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