10 Breeds of Cats that Behave Like Real Dogs

10 Breeds of Cats that Behave Like Real Dogs

10 Breeds of Cats that Behave Like Real Dogs

Dogs or cats, our everyday friends sometimes display behaviors so similar that we are sometimes surprised. Among felines, there are breeds of cats which behave, to be mistaken, like real dogs !

If you love dogs but would still like to have a cat, we have selected and listed 10 cat breeds that behave like dogs.

The Abyssinian

Originally from Southeast Asia, it is a very old breed of cat. Ancat Abyssinian has a jovial and open character. This is why they hate loneliness and seek someone's company. It's an adorable pot of glue.

Abyssinian cat on a walk

Beside this, the Abyssinian thwarts all the predictions of cats fleeing water. He is a swimming lover who also enjoys ball games, leash and trips outdoors. In short, you will understand: like a nice doggie, an Abyssinian will always be ready to follow you.

The American Curl

If the American Curl is physically distinguished by its ears rolled back and its large blue eyes, it is also distinguished by its behavior similar to that of a domestic dog.

American Curl Cat

With his great adaptability, he is highly sociable and very funny in hishabits clowning. He is therefore the best friend of children and the faithful companion of his master whom he does not hesitate to follow wherever he goes.

The Turkish Angora

Even if its 2 two - colored eyes (one yellow and the other blue) can make it look aggressive, theTurkish Angora is in fact quite the opposite. He is known to form very strong bonds with the human being. Even to casual guests, he is a real receptionist.


Cat of the Turkish Angora breed

A full member of the family and worthy of his rank, he is a companion who is willingly involved in the daily activities of the house (at least, at his level). He is also an undisputed lifeguard who has easy contact.

The Burmese

This great talker from Thailand is also a great sentimentalist who is always on the hook of his master on whom he can even totally depend. He enjoys the company of children, dogs, and enjoys long "conversations" with his meows and chirps here and there all day long.

Burmese Kittens

The Burmese also enjoys cuddling, playing and any other activity in the company of its owner. For him, as long as he has your attention, he is fulfilled.

The Bombay

With his shiny black coat and golden yellow eyes, the Bombay reproduces the behavior of dogs in his games with children, and likes to wave his hands like a boxer in the ring.

Bombay cat

The Bombay is an ace of patience. Even if his solitary feline character pushes him to make little blunders near the fridge that he quickly learns to open, he is clearly a sensitive and intelligent cat who will not refuse a walk in the open air with you.

The Maine Coon

With its large size and character, the Main Coon has all the criteria to make you think of a dog in its actions. Very sporty, it can weigh up to 15 kg which will never prevent it from bringing you the ball you threw.

Maine Coon cat

The Main Coon is a real athlete who loves to spend his calories playing with children, having fun in the pool and discovering new things. He devotes an astonishing devotion to his master and prefers to be entertained with him, the Main Coon is an amazing cat to discover.

The Manx

Due to a natural genetic mutation, the absence of the tail in the Manx is not its only particularity. At the behavioral level, this is similarly true of a cat-dog. He can recognize his name and disembarks immediately as soon as you call him, and loves to play and fetch thrown toys. The only thing missing is the tail which shakes so that it merges with a dog.

Manx Cat

The Manx is gifted with a highly developed intelligence, he enjoys walking on a leash and remains vigilant when any unknown visitor arrives at the house. Like a real dog!

The Ragdoll

It is the king of hugs and caresses. Moreover, its name Ragdoll which means "rag doll", is enough to indicate that it is the feline who most likes to bask in the arms of his master, to the point even that his whole body becomes soft and his coat soft like Silk.

A Ragdoll tank

The Ragdoll is a very attentive and cuddly cat who merges sentimentally with his master, to whom he reserves special attention, such as sending him a morning hello every day. He is also pleasant with other people around him, animals and humans alike.

The Siamese

Here is another notorious talker! but with pleasant behavior and open towards all members of the family. Thanks to his great natural sociability, he adapts easily and quickly in the house.

Siamese Cat

The Siamese has a great need for contact and rapport with humans for whom he has a lot of love in store. That's why it's always there, roaming around you during your activities at home. Intelligent, he will not say no to the leash, let alone to an outing.

The Sphinx

The hairless body of this Canadian-born feline ranks it well at the bottom of the cat lover's preference scale. But the Sphinx has assets that radically tip the scales : his soft body that responds to your caresses, and his cheerful and endearing temperament.

Sphinx Cat

Like a dog, he follows his master, is loyal to him and does not fail to show his joy when he sees him come home.

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