Why My Cat Follows Me Everywhere? 5 Reasons Why!

Why My Cat Follows Me Everywhere? 5 Reasons Why!


Cats have a reputation for being independent, yet yours sticks to you and keeps following you wherever you go ?

It may sound funny, even weird, but there is certainly an explanation for this little spy behavior watching your every move. Here are 5 reasons that will help you understand why your cat follows you everywhere and is so interested in your activities.

He is guided by his instinct

Despite their domestication, our cats have not lost the hunting instinct specific to their feline ancestors. This is particularly noticeable for cats with an adventurous character or partly living outdoors who can stalk and hunt several preys per day. The same goes for apartment or indoor cats that can usually be seen running around the house or waiting for birds perched on the window.

As a result, watching you move and go from room to room in the house, it is possible that your little feline instinctively follows you as it would for prey that it stalks and hunts. And very often, it is not excluded to see it pounce on you by surprise.

He is looking for your presence

Our feline friends are not as independent as we might think. Cats are for the most part very sociable companions. They don't always like loneliness and are in constant need of their human's attention or affection. Some may even develop hyperattachment syndrome.

Just ashe shows you his affection and unconditional companionship, your cat needs you to be present and take care of him. So when he gets to see you at home, he won't let go of you because you may be away aandlothe would love to spend time with you.

He Needs Your Help With Something

Your muffin cat might want you to know thathe has a special need that he wants you to fulfill for him. It can be a desire for cuddles, to ask for food or water, or even to ask for your protection against a fellow creature or another animal that prowls around, etc.

But it can also happen that his aunt will express his discomfort, let you know that something is wrong and that he needs your help. In general, you will understand it more easily if you pay attention to the meows it emits under such circumstances.

He takes care of you by following you

Walking after you and following you everywhere can also be the unique opportunity that your companion has found to be occupied. Here, the most likely hypothesis will be the need to chase away boredom and the desire to simply play.

Indeed, some cats are easily taken by boredom and monotony. This is especially true for those living in apartments and who do not roam much. And even more, cats do not have at their disposal toys or playful accessories to entertain them or amuse them.


If your feline follows you everywhere because he lacks something to occupy or have fun, think abouthim buyingsome toys with which he will take pleasure to let off steam and which will allow him to divert his attention a little on you.

He monitors his territory

Cats are attached to the notion of territory that they take care to delimit and protect. When your feline does this inside the house, you will easily notice it by the way it rubs against you or against various pieces of furniture. But how does this relate to his tendency to follow you everywhere?

We think that his intelligence would lead him to think that by going back and forth in the house you are also participating in the surveillance of the territory and he is simply following you to do it with you.

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