5 Breeds of Cats that tend to snore!

5 Breeds of Cats that tend to snore!

5 Breeds of Cats that tend to snore!

Snoring is a rather common and normal respiratory phenomenon in cats. That said, some breeds of cats are known to have a predisposition and a strong tendency to snore more than all other individuals of the species.

Do you want to know which ones? Persian, British Shorthair, Exotic Shorthair, Scottish Fold and Himalayan are among them. These 5 cat breeds are also known as brachycephalic breeds and here we explain why they tend to snore a lot more.

The Persian

Elegant and majestic, the Persian cat is in many ways considered one of the most beautiful breeds in the world. Its particularly fine and silky dense fur gives it a royal appearance. But its greatest specificity lies in the atypical shape of its face from which it derives its notoriety.

The Persian is indeed distinguished by his large round and shiny eyes, as well as his flattened face and his very short and squashed muzzle which give him a noble appearance.

But it is also this characteristic which unfortunately predisposes the majority of individuals of the breed to some health concerns, respiratory problems and the strong tendency to snore that we recognize them. Aside from that, the Persian remains a gentle, kind, affectionate, and discreet (albeit lazy) companion, ideal for family life.

The British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is also a well-known cat and appreciated by masters. Its greatest physical asset is undoubtedly its rounded head, its large round eyes, as well as its dense and silky short fur giving it an air of living plush.

It is also a cat that overflows with quality. We recognize him as an affectionate, sociable and docile temperament. Tolerant and patient, he is also known to be an inveterate player. On the other hand, a detail of his life that is often mentioned the least is his propensity to snoring.

Yes, British Shorthairs are cats that snore, especially individuals in whom the squashed appearance of the face and the curved nose are a bit similar to those of the Persian or the Exotic Shorthair.

The Exotic Shorthair


Native to the United States, theExotic Shorthair is a ball of hair that does not lack charm. With his round head, his large round eyes spaced apart, and his round body, he has plenty to seduce.

Except for its short, fluffy coat, it shares many similarities with the Persian, which is considered to be the short-haired variant. Like the latter, the Exotic Shorthair is renowned for its calm and discreet temperament, as well as its ability to tolerate loneliness.

It also has this flattened aspect of the face, as well as the squashed shape of the nose. He therefore tends to snore when sleeping.

The Scottish Fold

This round face with folded ears has the reputation of being a Zen cat. He is also known to have a particularly affectionate and sociable character.

Calm and docile, he is an eternal pacifist. There is indeed no hint of aggression or violence in this feline, which makes it an easy-going cat and ideal for all families.

Like most Brachycephalic cat breeds, theslightly flattened face Scottish Fold's, along with its short, squashed nose predisposes it to snoring.

The Himalayan

The Himalayan is also one of the breeds of cats whose members are known for their tendency to snore. Born from a cross between Persian and Siamese, the Himalayan has largely inherited characteristics of these 2 breeds.


You will notice that he sports the black mask and the peculiar blue eyes of the Siamese, as well as the slightly flattened face and the squashed appearance of the Persian's nose. However, it retains its own personality with its pronounced taste for comfort and cuddles. As well as the attachment to his master whose attention he constantly demands.

Why do these cat breeds snore?

If these so-called brachycephalic breeds are particularly prone to the phenomenon of snoring, the main explanation lies in their anatomy. In particular that of their face and respiratory tract.

As we noted above, most of these cats have a flat skull, a flattened face and a more or less squashed nose, to which is added a long puck. Their airways are relatively narrow, which promotes snoring.

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