My cat eats insects: Is it dangerous for him?

My cat eats insects: Is it dangerous for him?

cat eats insects

Are you worried because you've noticed that your cat is showing a strong taste for insects? Note that there is, a priori, no fear for a cat that eats insects.

, not all of them are harmless. Without being toxic, some insects can indeed be very harmful and endanger the health of your cat if he eats a lot. Here are some tips and precautions to observe if you have a cat that likes to eat insects.

There is nothing to fear for a cat that eats insects!

If your cat has a habit of eating insects, you don't need to be concerned about her. This is for the simple reason that eating insects is a completely natural and safe behavior for these little felines. Indeed, cats like to eat insects, which is why they sometimes hunt them.

In addition, if there is nothing to fear, it is also because most of the insects that they are likely to encounter around the house are not poisonous. Whether it is butterflies, flies, dragonflies, bees or small black ants…, your cat will normally have no problem digesting them.

However, it would be wise to remain vigilant and watch your feline, especially if he tends to swallow too much at once. Because if they are not toxic, some insects can harbor harmful parasites, cause digestive disorders, or even other serious problems in your cat.

Bee, wasp, bug, etc. Non-toxic but be careful all the same

Not all insects are harmless to your feline. Certain specimens such as bees, wasps, hornets… are to be avoided by your cat. Because of the pain associated with their bites and especially the allergic reaction that can follow for some cats.

Even more dangerous may be the fireflies. Fireflies, like some exotic caterpillars, are very poisonous and can cause intestinal disturbances if ingested by your little feline. The same is true of certain species of poisonous or poisonous spiders like the black widow or the recluse brown which are present in France and which your cat may be tempted to hunt.

In addition, you will also have to be careful with insects with a rigid exoskeleton such as beetles, cockroaches, grasshoppers and beetles. Although non-toxic, ingesting these can cause lesions or injuries in your cat's mouth. When consumed in large quantities, they can suffocate your cat or cause an upset stomach and digestive upset.

Why do cats love insects so much?

There can be two possible explanations why cats like to eat insects so much. The first reason is food. Indeed, if they love it so much, it is probably because they appreciate the taste of insects.

In addition, insects are a natural part of the carnivorous diet of cats and are sources of animal protein just as good as meat or fish.

A second explanation for cats' interest in insects is simply linked to their natural hunting instinct. Indeed, cats are born predators. And it is quite logical that they assimilate insects to prey that they have fun hunting from time to time and which, moreover, can be appetizing. That said, if some show a strong taste for these little animals, other cats will be content to kill them for the simple pleasure of having fun.

Your cat eats a lot of insects: Be careful with the insecticides you use

Note that the threat or risk does not always come from the insects themselves, but from the insecticides that we use to get rid of them very often. These contain chemical compounds such as permethrin classified as poisons and known to be highly toxic.


They are dangerous and can easily poison your cat, causing serious irritation that can damage your little feline's transit, serious health problems and in the worst case, cost him his life.

Such dangerous products can end up in your cat's body after it consumes an insect that has itself been poisoned by exposure to the insecticide. From where the recommendation generally made to privilege as much as possible the use of natural products at home, if you fight against insects or against fleas in a natural way.

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