The Cat Trees Guide to Helping Your Cat

The Cat Trees Guide to Helping Your Cat

The Cat Trees Guide to Helping Your Cat

We all love our cats, but the moment they make their claws in our house, on walls or furniture, we always have the same reflex, scolding it. But it was before, the scratching of the stressed feline will be a thing of the past with the right accessory You will have surely understood it, the cat tree is an improved scratching post for the feline.


But why do our cats love these accessories so much? How to choose the right scratching post for your pet and for your home?

Our 3 Best Favorite Cat Trees to give you an idea

🐱 Univers Chat has compared several types of cat accessories, faced with such a large number of products, how to choose the right one, but above all which cat tree will please your most little feline. We have selected some that correspond to those who are most successful with our small pets, from kittens to large indoor cats, they are all suitable, easy to maintain and for certain are a real plus for the decoration of your interior.


lionto by dibea Cat tree, climbing tree ...


VOUNOT Cat tree with scratching post L Scratching tree ...


FEANDREA Cat tree, Play tower with hammock, ...


FEANDREA Scratching Post, Stable with Niche, Height ...

Very easy to assemble and maintain as you will see in customer reviews. They will blend wonderfully with most of your home or apartment interiors, regardless of the style.

How to choose the right cat tree?

Cat trees come in all shapes and sizes allowing little kitties to stretch their muscles as best they can on the accessory's scratching posts. Available in multiple colors, from red to black through beige, but especially models to beautify his house or his apartment while making your pet happy.

Cat trees are living spaces for the cat, made up of a scratching post, a niche with very comfortable and cozy cushions, a platform for perching, a hammock and games for its physical activity. This furniture for cats prevents many owners from scratching the house while being a place where they can let off steam and work out for their health.

So where do you start with this large number of products, dozens of online stores, online pet stores or near you offer them for purchase? Which one to choose? What type of material, what shape, what height is best suited for the feline.

Small anecdote, some pet owners even use this cat accessory for other animals, such as dwarf rabbits or birds.

Let's start with an overview of the different existing models.

The different types of catcat

tree Thetree is an essential piece of furniture throughout the life of the feline, from its young age as a kitten to the old cat, which is why all kinds of models are available.

A wide variety of product that has given rise to great creativity from manufacturers, we now find many original accessories and especially very designer cat trees for your decoration.

We distinguish different types of, which can be classified like this:

  • Original and design
  • trees Small
  • trees Giant
  • trees Fancytrees
  • scratching postscratchingscratchingscratchingscratchingA variant also called scratching tower Scratching

Side materials we often find the same, from the cat tree at a lower cost or more luxurious, but it is obvious that natural materials are to be favored.

Usually the structure is in wood or bamboo and even in more noble species such as walnut, the scraper may or may not be covered with sisal. Sisal is a natural fiber, from a plant that looks like wood but more flexible.

The horizontal trays are covered with a material where the cat can scratch, the carpet is very pleasant for the cat with a plush aspect. But most of all, they love getting their claws on the braided sisal scrapers.

The cat tree is also a play and rest area for the animal, so each type of cat tree is equipped with a niche or hammock for the animal's rest and a healthy lifestyle. And especially games for a good physical activity of the animal and to prevent it from being overweight. But many of our cats will especially pay attention to the toys present on the product, small plush redness, ball, bell ball, automatic mice and other toys and accessories for cats.

✅ The most important thing is to select a tree that corresponds to your cat's behavior, if he likes to climb, observe his environment and his territory, it is the size that you will have to pay attention for, for example. On the other hand if they like above all to scratch, it is the scratching aspect that should be looked at when buying.

The different sizes of cat trees

This type of cat furniture is classified into three different sizes:

  • Small cat trees, below 1m high
  • Medium-sized cat trees from 1m to 1.6m high
  • Large trees cat, from 1.6m and more.

Each height of the cat tree corresponds to a greater or lesser grip on the ground, it is obvious that the cat tree must be stable to withstand the assaults and jumps of your cat, especially for giant cat trees.

Small cat tree by Songmics large capacity with scratching post, niches and reinforced columns

Small fully upholstered cat tree, even with its small size this tree offers everything you need for the cat, hammock, scratching post and a hanging ball for playing. The ideal type of cat tree if you have little space.

Cat tree with blue scratching post with natural sisal scratching post

Medium cat tree from the Lolipet brand, a doghouse, a platform and a hammock in synthetic fur for the cat's relaxation, everything is there. With good customer reviews this cat tree will delight your cats in addition to being very solid.

The size of the cat tree is one of the most important factors of choice, it is obvious that the large cat trees are the most appreciated by our furballs, it is written in their instinct. They like to be perched like a cat from the top of a tree watching birds from the top of their perch.

❗️ But be careful, contrary to what has been written a lot in the reviews, we do not choose the size of the cat tree according to the size of the cat, it is not because you have a large cat that it is necessary to take a large model or a small therefore a small model. This is wrong. Let us take this opportunity to remind that an overweight cat is not in good health, it is necessary to take care of him by monitoring his diet.

Choose it, depending on your interior design, think about the layout of your garden if the cat goes out. The important thing is that the cat feels good there and that the tree is stable, at a height of more than 1 meter and easily accessible for the comfort of the feline.

💡 Little tip, if you do not have much space, because you are in an apartment, opt for a small scratching post that you will place on a piece of furniture. You will therefore simply increase the viewing height for the cat. Remember that the tree must remain stable on the furniture, cats use it as a scratching post with great force.

Regarding older cats, it is obvious that accessibility to the tree is the most important, which does not prevent large cat trees if they are equipped with ramps for example.

Test and Opinions on the best cat trees

Opinions are very important when choosing a product, there is a lot of feedback on this type of product, including how cats use the new cat trees bought by their master . The important thing in the reviews is that they must be objective, the same goes for the tests, at Univers Chat we pay close attention to this point.

If you have spotted a model that you like, do not hesitate to look at the reviews available on online pet stores, on online stores. Also don't forget to check in the comments if the delivery went well, the free delivery a plus for products of this volume although the transport represents a cost for the seller. Moreover as often as possible we put a link to the opinions of the recommended product.

We focus our cat tree tests on recognized brands that are as interesting for the mental health and hygiene of your animal's life as for your interior and its decoration, we will think in particular of Trixie including Morella, Banana Leaf, Natural Paradise, Water Hyacinth, Vesper from well-known brands of cat tree or Martin Sellier brand products.

Not to mention other brands available on the market such as Kitty, Leopet, Lolipet, Songmics, Cat It or Cat On and many others.

Cheap cat trees, is it possible to find them at a good price?

Yes, cat trees are pet furniture that isn't cheap, that's a fact, but with the steep discounts offered by online stores and online pet stores like Amazon. Do not forget the sales periods, it is possible to do good business all year roundinexpensive with cat trees.


lionto by dibea Cat tree climbing tree cat scratching post height 112 cm black / white

  • Color: black-white
  • Base plate: 40 x 40 cm, Height: 112 cm, Overall dimensions: 67 x 55 x 112 cm
  • 1 den (surface: 31 cm in diameter, height: 25 cm), 3 platforms (2x circular, 1x rectangular)
  • 2 playing balls, 1 playing rope
  • Sisal bar: 8 cm in diameter


lionto by dibea tree to tree climbing cat scratching post for cats 85 cm light gray

  • COMFORT ZONE: this soft plush cat tree with its ideal use of opportunities available to your little game mate, rest and hiding places will
  • SPACE aND gAME REST: this cat tree with its plush ball will satisfy your cat's play and hunting needs. A small den and two trays will invite your cat to rest while observing the surroundings
  • OPTIMUM PROTECTION FOR CLAWS WITH SISAL: the resistant sisal trunk of this cat play tower allows your pet to maintain its claws and at the same time ensures time the protection of your furniture
  • LOW-BULKY DECORATIVE ACCESSORY: with a height of 85 cm, this cat tree will fit perfectly in any room and will remain pleasant to look at. It will guarantee the cat and its owner a feeling of well-being
  • DIMENSIONS AND COLORS: The durable cat tree with dimensions of 50x30x85 cm is offered here in light gray


CODICO Kitten Tree for Cat

  • To be assembled
  • Wood
  • Country of origin: China
  • 1 kitten tree


TecTake Cat tree Scratching post Scraper - various colors to choose from - (Black)

  • Height: about 144 cm, Base plate: 49 x 35 cm
  • 2 game branches: approx 24 x 2 cm with mouse toy
  • Den: approx 30 cm in diameter and 29 cm in height
  • Sisal trunks: approx 6.7 cm diameter, Total weight: approx 8 kg
  • Hammock: approx 30 cm in diameter

But be careful all the same, be warned that a cat tree can wear out very quickly if the quality of the materials is not there and the price is not paid. While many are from Capac, a quality manufacturer, some don't. Cats will use their tree as a scratching post and as a playground, they will never perceive their accessories as the price you put in them, so it is essential that it withstand this type of assault.

The important points to check when buying a cat tree: Summary

  • The general shape of the tree, design or classic
  • The size, depending on the space available in your home, always in thinking height and accessibility
  • Cat trees recognized by consumers, following tests and opinions
  • The price must suit your purse, no need to look for the lowest price there the highest

Why buy a cat tree for your cat?

We have seen how to choose the cat tree, but do you really know why it is necessary for your cat?

From a behavioral standpoint for the cat, the cat tree only has advantages, feline behaviorists say.

A cat tree increases the territory

The cat tree is the exclusive territory of the cat, it is also the place where it dominates the rest of its territory which is none other than your apartment or house.

The instinct of felines pushes them to climb high or find a dominant point where they can have a clear view of the room. You have probably already noticed that your cat likes to rest in a high place, he does it naturally since he was a kitten, he does not do this just to hide from the dog.

The smell is also an important element, the cat tree is a place where only the smell of the cat is present, by these scratches or its rolls the cat deposits its smell, it is part of its hygiene of life.

💡This point is also important to take into account insofar as you have several cats, it is important to think about the number of cat trees needed or the number of kennels available on the tree, as well as the need to clean the cat tree thoroughly.

To maintain and clean it, most often it only takes a simple vacuum to remove most of the hair, some models are easily removable and removable for machine cleaning for perfect hygiene for your feline.

Cat Tree Helps Shy Cats

Surprising at first, but a cat tree can really help shy and cowardly cats. To understand this, you have to tell yourself that a fearful cat is above all stressed by what it can hear but not see.

With platforms giving a viewpoint from above coupled with a cozy and protective hiding place, the shy cat can finally have a place where he can easily monitor the surroundings, the cat feels safe.

💡Of course, it may be necessary to familiarize the cat with the tree, he should understand that this new place is nice and safe. Small tip do not hesitate to use a food supplement such as kibble, candy or directly its bowl to make it come on the cat tree, the most effective remaining catnip in spray.

The benefits of a cat tree in your home

You have surely already seen photos of a house superbly decorated with a designer cat tree or a series of ladders and birdhouses suspended from the ceiling, all in a very contemporary style.

This is what you think of first when you take a scratching post home, but the cat tree is also a great way to prevent your cat from turning all your furniture into a scratching post. The cat tree is the place where the cat will make its claws, to put an end to the scratches so necessary for the cat, adopt the cat tree or a scratching post.

Why does the cat need to scratch?

😺 Cats need to scratch, that's what annoys them especially when they attack the sofa or the walls, everything for them can become a scraper. But why isit vital for them to scratch their teeth ? Clawing is a visual and olfactory marking system for the cat, as well as hygiene. Not to mention that this is also fun while relaxing and stretching.

The marking is instinctive in the cat, as in all animals of other domestic animals such as the dog, by this action it signals that it is its territory, with the traces of scratches but also with the pheromones deposited by its acorns, the scratching post is one of the pillars of its space.

Having good claws is important for the cat, in nature these are its most effective assets, to defend itself, to fight, to flee and to climb, to hunt, it is therefore normal to take care of it. The clawing action allows the feline to remove dead claws that will be replaced or simply sharpen them.

But what interests us above all is to know how to ensure that the cat does not attack our interior. As we have seen, cats trees are ideal for this, in addition to combining a play area, a rest area and consist of many areas to scratch.

There is also other solution to allow the cat to make these claws.

The scratching tower

The scratching tower is a variant of the cat tree, it consists of a large cylinder where the cat can hide, the whole being covered with natural fiber like the sisal. In general, these towers are not very high and measure less than a meter.

Cat scratching post

postsscratching Cat scratchingortrunks are a very good solution if you don't have the space to have a cat tree. Often in corrugated cardboard, they are ephemeral and need to be replaced often.

How to make a cat tree?

Do you have the soul of a handyman? You are skilled with your hands and you know how to handle wood, then you can surely make a custom cat tree. It is quite possible to make acat tree DIY (Do it yourself)with materials already at home or even Ikea furniture.

We also very often come across a magnificent cat complex made by cat enthusiasts. You will often come across images of these breathtaking achievements on the site.


Know that the manufacture of this type of object is quite simple with a good tutorial and the right element, the elements being easy to find in stores near you or by ordering them. For example Trixie offers ready-to-use posts to act as a scraper, the wood can easily come from your garden or around your home. Everything you need can be easily ordered or transported to you.

Cat tree on the ceiling and walls, a real amusement park for cats

DIY enthusiasts love to make wooden cat trees with ceiling mounting, this is what it is best to believe notice. Indeed with all its bridges, niches and ropes will inevitably make the tomcats happy. Obviously, you need a large space to carry your type of cat tree in your home.

But if you don't have the soul of a seasoned DIY enthusiast, manufacturers offer complete kits that you just need to attach to walls and ceilings. Putting together this version of a cat tree is a bit more complicated, but it also won't require great mountain knowledge of wooden furniture.

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