9 of the Most Beautiful Breeds of White Cats

9 of the Most Beautiful Breeds of White Cats


Do you love white cats or want to adopt a furball with a snow-white coat but don't know which breeds have this beautiful borer?

First of all, you should know that a white coat is a characteristic that can be found in many breeds of cats, including alley cats.

To make it easier for you, here is a selection of 9 of the most beautiful cat breeds likely to sport a white coat.

Turkish Angora

The elegant and graceful silhouette of this ball of hair is unanimous in the eyes of most masters. ThebreedTurkish Angora originated in Turkey where it was elevated to the rank of national emblem. Its very silky mid-length fur is known to never tangle.

In addition, we note the absence of undercoat, which has the merit of greatly facilitating the maintenance of the coat and its shine. If the dress admits all kinds of colors, white is one of those that best highlight its magical fur and by far the one that the masters prefer or seek.

The Balinese The Balinese

cat comes from the Siamese from which he inherited a good number of physical characteristics and character traits. It has a medium, triangular-shaped head, a long, straight nose, large, widely spaced ears, and almond-shaped eyes that are always blues.

It sports a mid-length fur with a fine and silky texture. The standard only admits colourpoint dresses in all color variants, with white being popular. Like the Siamese, the Balinese are renowned for their playful, sociable and very affectionate temperament. Hyperactive, one thing he loves most of all is hunting.

The Burmilla

From a cross between a Persian cat and a Burmese cat, the Burmilla displays a medium height, a muscular body and a strong bone structure. Its head is triangular in shape with large yellow or green eyes.

But the Burmilla stands out above all for its tipped dress. In other words, the color is marked exclusively at the end of the hairs giving the coat a tanned white coloration. As for his temperament, the Burmilla has a reputation for being a playful and outgoing cat. Sweet and affectionate, however, he is a bit too talkative.

The Cornish Rex

It is a cat with an athletic and elegant silhouette whose greatest distinction lies in its short fur with notched hairs. The dense, curly hair gives the coat a wavy appearance which is particularly soft to the touch.

The coat can be white, but the breed standard allows all colors and patterns in all possible shades. As for his temperament, the masters describe for the most part an affectionate, sociable, sensitive cat who particularly likes cuddling. He has a tendency to meow and can hardly stand loneliness.

The Khao Manee

The Khao Manee is distinguished by its exclusively white short-haired dress. But he is more famous for the coloring of his eyes which can be small. That is to say in the shape of a precious stone, combining two shades of yellow and blue. But they can also be yellow or simply blue.

Known for having a very affectionate, sociable, playful and intelligent temperament, the Khao Manee can be talkative. Very attached to his master, his fidelity and loyalty have earned him the qualifier of cat-dog.

The Persian

The Persian is one of the most beautiful and popular breed around the world. It sports a majestic long, dense and particularly silky fur. This one admits a variety of colors of which the uniform white remains one of the tones appreciated by the masters.

Another distinguishing feature of the Persian is the flattened shape of his face and his more or less squashed round nose. This physiological detail unfortunately predisposes him to some respiratory problems and snoring.


In general, the Persian is an affectionate cat. Rather a homebody, he tolerates solitude well. Calm and docile, he values ​​tranquility and hates noise.

The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is also part of the selection of cats known to beautifully wear the white dress. Originally from the United States, it is distinguished by its large size, its mid-length and soft coat, as well as its large oval eyes, always blue in color.

Its name owes it to its ability to soften and become particularly soft like a rag doll when you pick it up in your arms or on your knees. The Ragdoll is known for its affectionate, very sociable, discreet and easy-going side. Devoid of aggressiveness, he is carefree and has little awareness of danger.

The Siamese

The Siamese is a natural breed of cat among the oldest in the world and its short colourpoint coat can be white in color. He has a dark mask on his face and gorgeous sapphire blue eyes.

He is a small feline very attached to his master that he also tends to seek and follow everywhere. Sweet and affectionate, he is however talkative and tends to meow too often.

The Turkish Van

Native to the Lake Van region in Turkey from which it takes its name, it sports a mid-length fur as soft as cashmere.

The uniform white dress is the most popular because of its rarity. But it can be two-tone with a red, cream, black or blue tint on the head and tail, the rest of the body being white.

Finally, it is a cat particularly fond of water that the masters describe as being intelligent, curious, playful and overflowing with energy, but quite a bit of glue.

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