Can you flush cat litter down the toilet?

Can you flush cat litter down the toilet

As you know, your cat's soiled litter box is thrown away with regular household waste. But, you have surely already wondered if it was possible, to make your life easier, to get rid of this litter by pouring it squarely in the toilet.

Yes, you can throw cat litter in the toilet, but… not just any!

Do not throw the whole litter box in the toilet at once, go there gradually and flush several times. In all cases, it is recommended not to empty the entire bin, but only the excrements and urine-soiled litter.

Selection of 2 litters that you can safely throw in the toilet

Cat's Bestvegetable litter

Cat's Best Original4.3kg / 10LClumping

  • 700% absorption rate
  • and anti-odor
  • Compostable
  • without additives or perfume
  • PEFC certification


With Its absorption rate of 700% (the highest on the market!), Cat's Best litter is not only of plant origin, 100% biodegradable, but also clumping. In addition, it contains essential oils that neutralize germs and bad odors.


  • Exceptional absorption rate of liquids and bad odors
  • Clumping

litter Almo Nature Almo nature vegetable litterlitter

- Cat- 4.54 kg


Made only from vegetable fibers, this 100% biodegradable litter does not contain dust or chemicals. Which makes it comfortable and not messy. Compact and economical, it instantly absorbs liquids and odors, thanks to ultra-rapid agglomeration.

Advantages :

  • 100% natural and dust-free
  • Ultra-fast agglomeration

Types of litter existing on the market

On the market, depending on their original material, you will mainly find 2 types of litter: litter of mineral origin (in clay or in silica), andlitter of plant origin. Note that regardless of their original material, these litters may or may not have the property of being clumping.

The conditions to be fulfilled for a litter to be disposable in the toilet

For a litter to be thrown in the toilet, it must be 100% biodegradable (i.e. it must be able to decompose naturally on its own), and must not contain toxic products that are harmful to the environment (and which therefore must not end up in the sewers). In other words, the litter must be ecological.

To make sure that the litter you want to buy meets the requirements described above, all you need to do is check, on the packaging, that the litter is certified by a standard (such as the French standard NF Environment) which certifies that '' it is ecological, biodegradable, without additives harmful to the environment (and to your cat) and meets, among other things, certain design requirements (such as litter made from recycled products) and performance (such as odor limitation, capacity absorption of liquids, dust level, etc.).


Thus, litter that can be thrown in the toilet is…

Not all litter of mineral origin is good for the sewers. Therefore, clay and silica bedding cannot and should not be flushed down the toilet under any circumstances.

Litter of plant origin is biodegradable, but some (if not most) contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment that make it impossible to throw down the toilet.

In short, to know if you can throw your cat's litter in the toilet, make sure it is of plant origin and stamped with a certification guaranteeing that it is ecological and that it can be dumped in the toilets. toilets without risk to the environment.

However, note that if you have a septic tank at home, you are strongly advised not to pour the litter into your toilettank, at the risk of filling yourunnecessarily and therefore saturating your drainage pipes ...

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