Tips for exercising your cat?


Cats are not naturally made to live indoors with us. When they have access to the outdoors, this is not really a problem since they can go out and exert themselves and live their lives as independent cats. However, when this is not the case then the cat can suffer from many problems related to the lack of activity. That's why it's important to help your cat exercise every day.

The Consequences of Lack of Exercise

Cats are still fairly wild animals, even though they depend a lot on humans to find their food easily. Their bodies are not designed to stay inactive like humans, and cats gain weight quickly when they are indoors without activity. This is even more the case when they are sterilized.

Unfortunately, overweight in cats does not only have aesthetic impacts. This problem also shortens the life expectancy of the cat while making its daily life more difficult. Plus, it's a vicious cycle, as overweight cats get bored of doing nothing and eat even more to make up for their boredom.

Tips for exercising a cat?

To exercise a cat, you have to play with it. The best thing is to get them used to interacting andat a young age playing with you. Whether it is by throwing small objects at him that he will have fun chasing or simply by waving a false mouse in front of him, all the opportunities to make him move are good you can even learn to walk him outside.


Another trick is to create spaces for him that force him to be active. Install a platform hung on the wall high up and a path of platforms from which he will have to jump one after the other to reach the highest, this is a good way to provide a playground for your cat. He will not fail to take advantage of it and to exert himself to gain height.

Tips to make an overweight cat lose weight?

If you haven't had the good idea to get your indoor cat used to exercise and they're already overweight, don't panic. There are still many solutions to make him lose weight. First, there is obviously the question of food. Less diet kibble and treats will help him quickly, even more if your cat is unable to regulate the amount of food he eats.

Then, to help him get active again, you can use his passion for food by purchasing toys that have food in them and distribute it regularly if the cat is playing with the ball. Thus, he will have to spend himself in order to have something to eat. Again, this only works if you don't give him plenty of treats when he is exercising.

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