Cat Hair Care: 5 Things to Know

Cat Hair Care: 5 Things to Know

Cat Hair Care

Have you ever had that unpleasant feeling while petting your cat, the one that makes you feel like you're petting a greasy, coarse-haired cat? But that feeling doesn't mean your cat is room.

Regular coat care and maintenance is essential for the shine and hygiene of your cat's coat. To help you take care of your little feline's coat, we offer 5 things you absolutely must know before you start with everything you need to take care of your cat's hair.

Brush it, for a smooth coat and a cuddly moment

Brushing is a practice that you must cultivate and apply regularly so that your cat has a smooth coat always. What's more, brushing your cat is also a great way to help get rid of dead hair, prevent itching, and limit the appearance of dandruff.

Without neglecting the fact that a brush stroke can also be the occasion to offer a little moment of hugs and caresses to your little ball of fur.

Always remove hairballs and knots

Another gesture to take good care of your cat's coat is to make sure to remove hairballs and untangle any knots that may form in their fur.

Regarding hairballs, note that they are mainly dead hairs that your companion can ingest when he licks himself during his toilet for example.

As for hair knots, they can be particularly painful for your cat. Hence the importance of always disentangling or removing them. You can do this ideally using suitable detangling accessories and if it is too resistant cut it with a pair of scissors.

Washing your cat, not always useful

If it can help with the care of the coat, grooming is a practice that is not always useful for your cat, especially when it is done inappropriately. Washing your cat may be less necessary in several ways. First of all because your cat knows how to wash himself.

If you pay attention to her routine, you will probably have noticed that your cat spends several hours of the day licking her entire body. In fact, he grooms himself, using his rough tongue to rid his hair of dirt, impurities, etc ...

In addition, you should know that your cat's sebaceous glands secrete sebum which covers the surface of his skin to protect the hair. and the skin by preventing skin dryness. The concern is that with too many baths and shampoos used for the occasion, it is that they can eliminate this sebum exposing the epidermis to dryness and promote other skin problems.

Dull, several explanations

coatA dull coat that has lost its shine can be quite unsightly for your cat's coat. There are several possible reasons for the dull coat of your hairball. In particular, the renewal of his skin.


It is common for cats to have a less shiny coatwhen they are molting than usualand develop dandruff.

Loss of radiance can also be the result of your cat's poor diet. This will be especially the case if you feed him low-quality foods. The latter may be deficient in sources of proteins, vitamins and fatty acids which are essential nutrients for skin health and coat shine.

Finally, the dull appearance of your cat's coat may be due to being infested with parasites or a sign that they are suffering from a skin disease.

Maintain Your Cat's Fur Regularly

Helping your cat take care of its fur is important if you want it to appear clean, beautiful, pleasant to stroke, and healthy. This regular maintenance involves relatively simple gestures such as daily brushing to remove dead hair, disentangle and ventilate the fur.

Be sure to inspect its fur for the presence of any parasites and get rid of them. If the bath is not compulsory for your cat, it can be applied at a very reduced frequency, depending on its state of cleanliness and preferably with specifically adapted products.

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