Top 10 cat sounds, noises and vocalizations! (With Audio)

Top 10 cat sounds, noises and vocalizations! (With Audio)

Top 10 cat sounds, noises and vocalizations! (With Audio)

When we live with cats, we quickly realize that they have a very varied vocabulary of specific noises and sounds, which they use to communicate with us as with their fellows.

From the famous meows to unwanted cackers, through the purring, screaming, howling and hissing of the cat, discover our selection of the 10 best sounds, noises and vocalizations of the cat, with a soundtrack for you learn to understand your cat's language. 

Cat Sounds: The Meow

The most famous of the sounds emitted by the cat is the meowing. Emitted by opening its mouth wide and gradually closing it, the cat can use this cry to mean a lot of things, depending on whether it lingers in stretching the meow or not.

Usually, a meow is like a whistle that it uses to grab your attention in order to send you a message. Therefore, the meow is sometimes followed by other sounds. For example, the tomcat may meow in front of his empty plate, looking at you to let you know that he is starving.

Cat Sounds: Call for help

It is usually the little ones who use it to describe an emergency situation to their mother. Until the 4th week of life, a time when their hair is thick enough, the kittens that emit noise to demand heat their mother when it's cold.

This cry for help is like a meow, but it comes with all the vigor and tenacity of a newborn baby. Attentive, the recipient of the message cannot miss it, and always knows how to respond.

Cat Sounds: The Purring

Similar to the sound of a motocross moving away, purring is a sound that the cat makes in its throat in a low voice without opening its mouth. Kittens use purr when they suck, while adult cats use it when they experience a strong emotion, whether it is pleasant or not at all.

On the one hand, the cat can purr (with joy) when it meets another cat, a new person or a new object that it adores. On the other hand, the cat can purr to indicate its displeasure when it is angered by a painful pain.

Cat Sounds: Tweets or Trills

 This is the cat language translation of "hello!" ". Cats capture this aptitude from their mother and use it as a mark of politeness towards their fellows and their masters.

The cat's chirps or trills, also called cooings, are vocalizations made with the mouth closed and which denote a little meowing and purring. It's a loud sound that stretches for just under a second and always expresses a positive emotion.

Cat Sounds: The Sexual Call Signal

For the mating season, felines also have a rather repetitive and annoying slogan to say the least. It is actually a variety of the meow, but is of the long, stretched and intense kind that the cat seems to be complaining all the time. It is a manifestation of heat in the cat which pushes many owners to sterilization.

The call to mating is used in the cat to signal its presence to the cat. But in addition to this occasion, the cat can use this sound to alert other adventurous males to its presence.

Cat Sounds: Hissing with spitting

This is the warning issued by the cat. He uses it in a defensive situation when he feels threatened to dissuade his opponent. The sound of about a second is akin to a sharp hissing sound as if the cat wanted to expel air while keeping its jaw closed.

So you understand that it is a vital sound for the survival of the cat which from the first 3 weeks of its life has already mastered it.

Cat Sounds: The Howl with loud cry

When the cat is faced with an opponent that it does not wish to conflict with, it emits a very characteristic, rather bizarre, intense cry, giving the impression that it is "crying". It's actually a long series of threatening meows that follow one after the other.

Cat Sounds: The Growl

The cat does not attack without having warned its target. It usually uses a specific sound called a growl or growl to signal that it is under threat and is about to go on the offensive. So if you hear a loud thump lasting several seconds with some sort of snoring at the end, then it would be wise to walk away because you are obviously disturbing him.

If you persist, the cat can follow its growls very aggressively with its mouth wide open and canines prominent to scare you, and this should normally produce the desired effect.

Cat Sounds: The Scream or howl Pain

It's the equivalent of our “ouch” and “ouch” that we instinctively say when we are in pain. The cat also has a sound to express its pain. It is a high-pitched and intense noise suddenly emitted by the cat when it receives a shock that it did not see coming, when it comes to injuring itself for example.

This cry, the cat sometimes also associates it to mark the end of the coupling with his or her partner.

Cat Sounds: The Cackle

Like a horny hen about to lay eggs, the cat can cackle when it is excited, especially if it has prey in its sights and an unfortunate obstacle slips in its way. It is therefore also a sign of frustration following a bitter failure.

It's not easy enough to describe, but to give you an idea, it's as if the cat is screaming lightly, making its voice tremble and its teeth chattering at the same time.

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