The 10 Most Beautiful Breeds of Blue-Eyed Cats

The 10 Most Beautiful Breeds of Blue-Eyed Cats

The 10 Most Beautiful Breeds of Blue-Eyed Cats

Cats with blue eyes arouse charm and fascination in many people. If you dream ofadopting a cat with beautiful blue eyes but do not know which breeds have this peculiarity, do not worry!

We have listed and present here 10 of the most beautiful cat breeds known to have blue eyes and which do not change eye color in adulthood.

The Siamese


The Siamese is one of the most sought-after cat breeds in North America and Europe, where it is nicknamed the Prince of cats. The origin of the breed us back to the14th century, in the temples of Siam kingdom, now known as Thailand.

A Siamese weighs between 3 and 5 kg, and has a light or chocolate-colored coat on the whole body. Her head is darker and resembles a mask which is highlighted by her elongated almond-shaped blue eyes.

The Siamese does not appreciate solitude, but he is affectionate and intelligent. He also loves the game and always remains loyal to his master.

The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll breed appeared in the US in the late20th century. It is a cat that is difficult to find fault with, either physically or behaviorally. Its particular characteristic is its elegant dress bushy with long white hairs, soft and fine which do not roll up.

The Ragdoll is also one of the large cat breeds and weighs between 6 and 8 kg. But when you wear it, its silky hair gives you the pleasant feeling of holding a doll.

He is a sociable, patient and calm cat, who enjoys the company of children and easily adapts to his master's living conditions, in an apartment or in a household.

The Sacred of Burma

Originally from France, the Sacred of Burma took on the blue color and round shape of the eyes of the Persian, and the mid-length colourpoint-type coat in various shades of the Siamese, from which it is derived by crossing.

Its major attraction is its paws which, covered with white hairs, give it great elegance, a little as if it wore gloves.

In terms of behavior, the Sacred of Burma is like a dog who follows his master everywhere, being calm, discreet and attentive. He has an imposing body, a deep and mysterious gaze that can make him look mean, but he is not. He is rather shy and suspicious, but enjoys playing with the family.

The Persian

Even if the origins of this adorable pet are not fixed, but shared between Italy, England or even Turkey, his charisma is unanimous among allowners Persian, he is present in all beauty rankings.

Its characteristic feature is its head, or precisely its mouth which extends upwards and crushes its nose. It is a calm and poised animal, which has no predisposition to violence. He is not too athletic and prefers long naps near his master. He is very attached to his routine and hates change.

The Turk of Van

He is the king of swimming, because he loves water so much that he is nicknamed the Cat of Lake Van, or sometimes also the Cat of Noah's Ark. With Turkish origins, he is also one of the small cat breeds and has a white coat. He usually has blue eyes and sometimes has wall eyes.

The Turk of Van is a cat still rare in Europe, but whose strong and independent character does not prevent him from being sociable and welcoming towards the guests, or from enjoying the company of his master. Likewise, his shy side does not diminish his courage and intelligence.

The Snowshoe

It is also a rare breed of cats, whose elegance is highlighted by their white-gloved paws. The breed was revealed to the general public recently in the United States, at the end of the last century, after the results of successive crosses of the American Shorthair and Sacred breeds of Burma with the Siamese breed, from which it inherited several characteristics.

The Snowshoe is an adventurous and talkative cat, but also caring, sporty and even funny. He has vigor, intelligence and sympathy. His big round eyes and light blue color match his kind temperament well.

The Ojos Azules

With its intense blue eyes, this feline brings us back again to the United States, in the State of New Mexico where the first cat of the breed was discovered in the 80s. Its name, Ojos Azules which means eyes blue in Spanish, is enough to describe its eyes, but the peculiarity of the breed lies in its dress.

Indeed, blue eyes are recognized by cats with white or colourpoint fur, so a maximum of 2 colors. However, the Ojos Azules has a tortoise shell type dress with several colors.

The breed has only a few hundred specimens with an average size, a weight of 3 and 7 kg, and a behavior close to that of the Turk of Van.


The Balinese

The Balinese is a cat of American origin (USA) who has an athletic body and great elegance, even if his appearance is accidental to say the least. Indeed, the breed appears by a happy coincidence, following crosses which gave a species of Siamese cat, but rather with semi-long or long hairs.

The Balinese therefore has all the other physical traits of the Siamese, and even in terms of behavior, the 2 races are very similar. The Balinese recognize only one true master to whom he devotes a unique attention during his life.

The Himalayan

From the color and shape of his eyes, the build and size of his hair, we can say that the Himalayan is a colourpoint Persian, or better yet, a Persian with the dress of a Siamese. So he has all the physical traits of a Persian, except that his coat is not uniform, but colored.

The Himalayan is also an American, with some Swedish roots, but none linked to the Indian subcontinent. Posed and attentive to everyone, he is easy to live with, both in an apartment and in a home with a garden.

The Tonkinese

Fruit of the crossing of the Siamese and Burmese breeds, the Tonkinese is one of the favorite cat breeds of Canadians and Americans, especially for its delicacy and elegance which increasingly does not leave Europeans indifferent. The origin of the breed dates back to a little less than a century, although it did not gain popularity until around 1960.

The Tonkinese is known for his intelligence rank, his great love for cuddles and his need for affection. . His white dress gives him nobility and charisma, even if he is sometimes a pot of glue.

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