My cat doesn't use his cat tree - What should I do?

You have invested in a cat tree for the well-being of your feline and he totally ignores it! You love your cat but… You want to keep your furniture but also that your investment is not lost! Going to a cat tree is not innate for him and several solutions exist to educate him, you will see how to act easily.

Understand why the cat doesn't go on the cat tree


Maybe it's in the wrong place. Despite his independence, your pet needs to participate in family life. In addition, to relax, your feline needs to stretch, the previous pasta above the head! The cat tree is certainly not suitable for its morphology, not high enough! It is also possible that he did not understand that it was for him. And yes ! It is not easy for him to associate this new “toy” with his territory!

How do I get my cat to like her scratching post?

Your cat needs to scratch, it's a way to mark his territory, the perimeter in which he feels safe. So that cohabitation is more serene, several possible avenues to make him adopt his cat tree.

How to get the cat used to going on the cat tree

Cats are always intrigued by new objects in their house, the cat tree is no exception to the rule, so he will have to get used to this new object.


First the location of the tree, put it in a passageway or next to a window so that it can dominate the world. You can also spot where it claws and place the cat tree next to it by enticing it to go over it, or even drop it on the tree. Be careful not to scare him, however.

Remember to choose the right scratching post, a fairly tall tree with several hiding places and a sturdy scratching post, preferably sisal.

How to Attract the Cat to the Cat Tree

There are also a few tips to get your cat to go to their cat tree, which for many cats are radically effective. They are often advised by veterinarians to act quickly.

  • You can put food on it or spray it with catnip, most cats love the smell.
  • As your pet is playful, he will be intrigued by hanging objects such as feathers or will be attracted to scratches made with your nails!
  • The cat also needs to feel safe and calm, you can help it relax by spraying Feliway, a stress reliever based on cat pheromones.

In some cats it is not easy to go to a cat tree, the best is always to start as soon as possible. It will take persistence for your cat to adopt his cat tree, but then, one thing is certain, he will not be able to do without it !

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