How to prepare for the birth of a cat?

The birth of a cat is an important moment that must be prepared, you are about to welcome a litter of small kittens that will have to be taken care of, especially the first days. But do not panic, a little preparation is enough for the birth of the kittens to go well.

The important points of the birth of the cat


Giving birth to a cat is not easy for him and it is something that not everyone is lucky enough to see often. So how does it work and how to react in the event of a complication for the kittens?

  • A litter is on average 3 to 5 kittens.
  • Hard labor around 6 hours, with an interval of 10 to 60 minutes between the expulsion of each kitten.
  • As for the contractions, you will be able to identify them quickly by noticing that your pussy is fidgeting, at first irregularly and then closer and closer. Sign that labor is progressing, until the kittens are expelled.
  • The kittens are born head forward, wrapped in the water pouch. Posterior presentation, hind legs first, usually does not present any major problems, unless the mother is getting tired.

The birth of a kitten is not without risk, even if most of the time everything goes well it is nevertheless necessary to monitor the birth. Always keep the veterinarian's phone number handy for quick action, to find a veterinarian you can consult the veterinarian directory in your area.

How to prepare the place where the cat will give birth?

Cats are always looking for a safe place to give birth to their young, closets, under furniture or quietly in the garage, what she seeks is a quiet place.

If all goes well, she will tell you on her own where she wants to go, in fact the days before giving birth, the cat will spend time going around in circles and looking for a quiet and cozy place.

Be careful not to be taken by surprise and to prepare a basket or farrowing shelters in a hurry at the last moment, this is something you can expect as soon as you know your cat is approaching term. Ideally, prepare yourself 15 days before the end of gestation at the same time as you deworm the cat.

To make a good cozy nest for your cat, plan something to make her a real shelter, in fact the kittens will stay with their mother well in the shelter for about 20 days. When the kittens wake up and start playing with each other, it's time to replace her with a larger spot.

To do this, put a relatively large cardboard box for her in a quiet place inside, do not forget to make an opening so that the cat can enter easily. Line the bottom of the box with newspapers and finally install a small basket or mat for cats, easy to find on this site for example. Do not hesitate to take a second to transfer the little ones when they are older (not before 20 to 25 days).


Little additional tip, install the farrowing box during the gestation of the cat and show her that she knows that this cozy place exists. But be prepared to move it if the cat chooses another location at the last moment.

How to behave during the birth of babies?

Important point for the smooth running of the birth, although the birth of little kittens is a wonderful event, you still have to stay in the background.

This is all the more important if your children are witnessing the birth of kittens, explain to them how it will unfold and talk to them about the importance of calm for the cat. They will be so proud to have been wise during this important time for the family. Feel free to check out forums where other cat owners talk about their experiences with children and kittens.

So stay at a distance while keeping an eye, pass regularly but do not impose a permanent presence. Don't worry about every meow, this is normal.

Be careful though, if you notice that the cat is having difficulty performing the work and that despite her efforts no kitten arrives, contact the veterinarian.

Tell us about the birth of your kittens!

Do not hesitate to comment on our article and tell us about the birth of your kittens. Did everything go well?

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