Make your cat lose weight with a kibble dispenser

Your four-legged friend is overweight. The weight gain of your animal should not be neglected, because it can lead to diseases such as kidney stones, osteoarthritis ... Obesity in cats can be due to different factors and the most common is very often too rich food or too much delicacy. Fortunately, there is now a solution such as kibble dispensers to allow him to regulate his appetite.

Why is your cat obese?


Overweight cats are mainly overweight for two reasons, mainly affecting adult:

  • catsSpayed cats get fat after their operation due to decreased secretions of sex hormones.
  • Lack of activity, especially in apartment cats, can also be a factor in obesity.

As in humans, boredom or stress push our feline friends to eat to fill a gap. All that remains is toimpose a drastic diet on a cat is not the best solution, the cat needs to eat several meals a day, the important thing is to prevent it from turning into a gluttonous little cat..

Reducing food rations with a kibble dispenser, the solutions

There are several ways to make your pet lose weight: make him exercise, keep him busy and of course reduce the energy intake from his diet.

In a diet it is essential to reduce the energy intake provided by the kibble so that the cat digs into its fat reserves.

A reduction of 15% to 20% of the recommended portions of kibble is recommended to start, then adapt according to the evolution of the weight. This reduction must be temporary during the diet.

So program the dispenser so that it delivers the correct amount of rationed food. If the idea of ​​rationing your cat with a device of this type, here is a selection of 3 vending machines for big cats.Whether automatic or fun, it will allow your pet to reduce its diet without lifting a finger, or almost !

The automatic or programmable kibble dispenser

This type of model is a great ally for cats who nibble and who need their appetite to be truly regulated.

With these food distributors the principle is simple, fixed portions at fixed times. The interest is above all to be able to strictly control the portion of kibble given and therefore to reduce the amount of food given without starving the cat.

Petsafe Eatwell food dispenser for 5 meals

This dispenser is a compartment dispenser composed of 5 trays of maximum 200 g placed on a rotating plate, it allows you to program your pet's meals at regular time and quantity using its timer and its LED screen.

In this way, you can control his diet by adding the right amount of kibble in the trays and also put less kibble in his diet.

The advantages of Petsafe Eatwell: ease of maintenance, the tubs are dishwasher safe and non-slip pads prevent the cat from wandering the device around the house.

The playful kibble dispenser or kibble labyrinth

Your cat eats too much and is resistant to physical exercise, here is the ideal product, a dispenser that both feeds him and on top of that activated a little.


The Senses 2.0 is an example of a fun dispenser but there are other versions, in a ball, in a tube or in a tunnel. Here the goal is as much to feed the cat as to entertain it and make it exercise.

 Catit Senses 2.0 playful dispenser with labyrinth

This dispenser allows him to eat more slowly because he has to slide the croquettes from the levels of the labyrinth to the serving tray in order to be able to eat. It allows him to exercise and digest after each bite.

Cats being playful, they will necessarily appreciate its playful side, it is also a device that will delight cats without overweight problems. To have seen it in action, cats spend hours trying to catch their treats, a real game for them.

A behaviorist also told us about the interest in kittens in their wakefulness, the first months of their life. life.

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