My cat has dandruff: How to get rid of dandruff ?

My cat has dandruff : How to get rid of dandruff ?


Have you noticed the appearance of unsightly dandruff on your cat's coat, but don't know how to get rid of it? Above all, don't panic.

You should know that dandruff is dead skin that falls naturally when your cat molts. However, their occurrence has multiple origins and may reflect a problem that needs to be identified.

Here we reveal the main causes of dandruff in your cat, as well as some tips to relieve it and limit its appearance.

How to treat a cat with dandruff?

The elimination of dandruff in a cat which is victim of it passes above all by curative care. They should ideally. It continues with care and other preventive measures to be observed by the owner to prevent or limit the formation of dandruff in his companion.

Cure for dandruff in cats

When you've noticed dandruff in your cat, the best thing you can do to get rid of it is to take her to a veterinarian. The main reason is that the treatment of dandruff depends on its cause and it is so varied that it can be difficult for you to identify it precisely.

By referring you to the vet, he will be able to examine your cat, determine the origin of the dandruff. Depending on whether he has diagnosed that they are linked to a pathology, an infection, an allergy, an invasion of parasites for example, he will be able to prescribe the most suitable treatment.

Preventive care to limit the appearance of dandruff in cats

There are a few simple solutions that you can apply to protect your cat as much as possible from dandruff and other skin problems. These consist ofcare for your cat's hair relatively simplelike:

  • Daily brushing to help get rid of dead hair, air out their coat and keep them from drying out, with a cat brush.
  • Provide your cat with quality food, ideally rich in proteins and fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and coat.
  • Make sure your cat is well hydrated.
  • Groom your cat with shampoo and products adapted to its coat and respectful of its skin.
  • Adapted antiparasitic treatments and deworming.
  • Avoid exposing him to substances to which he would be allergic.

9 Reasons Why Your Cat Has Dandruff

The appearance of dandruff in cats can have many causes. To help you understand them and identify them, we show you below, 9 of the most common reasons that may explain why your cat has dandruff.

He Has Allergies

Note that your cat's dandruff can be the result of an allergic reaction. In particular, if your cat has been exposed to one of the allergens to which the species is known to be sensitive. This is the case, for example, with pollen and mites which can cause skin problems.

But the allergy can also result from other types of products that we use on a daily basis, or even be of food origin. The intolerant food could then promote dandruff.

He Has Parasites

Another common explanation for skin problems and the appearance of dandruff in cats is related to the presence of parasites in their coat. If your pet is infested with parasites there is a high risk that he will develop dandruff, itching and other health problems if nothing is done to get rid of it.

There are indeed many external parasites that can take your cat as a host, including mites, ticks and fleas present everywhere even in winter. Hence the interest in paying attention to your cat's environment and ensuring that it is protected by deworming.

He has a poor diet

It is not uncommon for the origin of dandruff in cats to be due to inadequate or poor quality food. This is especially the case with inexpensive foods that do not meet your cat's needs or that are simply too saturated with fat and less digestible.

In general, investing in the choice of premium quality food and ensuring a balanced diet is sufficient to guarantee the overall health of your cat.

For the health of his skin and the beauty of his coat, the ideal is that his foods are rich enough in protein. But also in lipids, vitamins and fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6.

He develops a disease

Another reason for the appearance of dandruff in your cat can also be explained by the fact that he is sick. Indeed, dandruff is known to be one of the symptoms of certain skin conditions. We then speak of seborrhea. This is particularly the case with ringworm and fungal infections which are contagious.

The same is true of pyoderma. Of bacterial origin, this disease of the epidermis also manifests itself through dandruff. What is reassuring is that these skin diseases can be treated more or less easily when they are detected early. Hence the interest of a veterinary consultation in case of dandruff.


Your cat who has dandruff may just be molting. Molting is a natural process of skin renewal. In other words, your cat leaves its old dead skin and gets a new skin.

This normal phenomenon usually occurs twice in a year and may be marked by heavy dandruff formation. In the event of a molt, the best you can do is make sure to brush your pet's coat regularly with a suitable brush to remove dead hair.

He takes too many baths

Offering baths to your little feline is beneficial for the hygiene of his coat. Having said that, overdoing it can be detrimental to your skin's health. You should know that the epidermis of our four-legged companions secretes sebums (oils) whose role is to protect the skin and prevent skin dryness.

The problem with baths and shampoos typically used to practice them is that they have the disadvantage of removing the sebum produced by the skin. Therefore, it will be exposed to drought and dandruff may form. You should therefore avoid washing your cat too often.

He is getting old

Another reason that may explain why your little feline has dandruff may be his advanced age. This is because older cats are more likely to have dandruff. The reason is mainly due to the aging of the cells in their skin.

At this point in your cat's life, the activity of his sebaceous glands slows down significantly. As a result, the hydration of the skin is no longer optimally assured, it becomes dry and conducive to the appearance of dandruff.

He grooms poorly

Note that your little feline may have dandruff because he can't groom himself well. Several circumstances can in fact prevent or complicate the accomplishment of this essential task for cat hygiene.


Due to its age or obesity for example, a cat may have difficulty reaching certain areas. The same will be true if he suffers from joint pain or a disease such as arthritis.

He does not support thermal shock, hot and cold

Finally, the appearance of dandruff in your companion can be explained by the alternation of hot and cold temperatures and the effect they can have on his skin. Indeed, a low temperature, just like a strong heat can dehydrate the skin of your cat. And as you know, dry skin is more prone to dandruff.

Can a cat have dandruff?

It is quite possible for a cat to have dandruff. These are pieces of dead skin or scales that can naturally form during the cat's skin renewal process.

It is therefore normal that your cat may have dandruff. However, as we have shown you, their occurrence has multiple origins and may signal a problem that should be identified and taken care of by the vet.

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