My cat sticks his tongue out: 7 Reasons why!

My cat sticks his tongue out: 7 Reasons why!


It often happens that your cat sticks out his tongue and you will like to understand what prompts him to do so?

You should know that sticking your tongue out is a fairly common behavior in cats. Many causes are at the origin, sometimes reassuring, but sometimes also worrying, without however alarming you. Here are 7 reasons that help you understand why your cat is sticking its tongue out.

Difficulty Breathing

Your cat, which sticks its tongue out, may be doing so because it is difficult to breathe. This difficulty in breathing can itself be due to various causes. The most common are usually obstruction of the airways by a foreign body, usually accompanied by snoring.

But also pathologies affecting the respiratory tract which can settle and develop more or less silently and worsen over time. Therefore, if your cat who is constantly sticking out her tongue seems to be having difficulty breathing or in respiratory distress, she may be suffering from a breathing problem.

If you notice this condition in your pet, the best thing you can do is get him checked out by a vet.

He is sleeping

Cats can also stick their tongue out when sleeping. This phenomenon occurs more generally during the REM phase of sleep and occurs completely unconsciously. The cat then experiences an appeasement and all the muscles of his body relax completely. Which explains why he has his tongue out of his mouth.

So there is no need to worry if you notice that your companion has his tongue sticking out when he sleeps. It just means he's at peace and very relaxed. However, it is a phenomenon that is observed much more in older cats, without this being due to any concern.

He wants to vomit

Another reason your cat sticks out his tongue may be the urge to vomit that he feels. The urge to vomit is indeed a common situation among our feline companions. However, it does not usually appear without an explanation.

It is usually born from the presence of a foreign body in his stomach that his body tries to expel. In particular, a ball of hair, a small piece of toy, an insect with a hard exoskeleton, intestinal parasites, etc.

But, nausea and vomiting in your cat can also result from a poor diet, an allergy, an inflammation of the stomach or gastroenteritis and many others. More or less acute, vomiting can be painful and make your cat short of breath.

He is afraid or stressed

Anxiety and stress can also explain why your feline sticks out its tongue. More concretely, a frightening situation as well as a sudden or prolonged stress can cause a significant acceleration of the heart rate and the breathing in the cat.

In these cases it is common for the feline to open its mouth and stick out its tongue to more easily breathe in air through the mouth. Once his fear or stress subsides, your cat should normally return to a normal heart rate and breathing rate and stop sticking his tongue out.

It's Too Hot

Your cat may also stick out its tongue just because it's hot. This hypothesis can be proven during seasons marked by an increase in temperatures such as summer or in times of heatwave. But also when your feline comes out of a session of intense physical activity such as playing.

In these cases, it is recommended to take care of the hydration of your companion or to refresh him to help him regulate his temperature. For example, you can place it in a cool place.


He is just happy

Sticking out the tongue for a cat can also be synonymous with fullness. In other words, this behavior simply means that the little feline is happy, happy, or feels good. This is more likely to happen when you are cuddling or petting him.


If this is the case for your cat, there is no need to worry. Know that he is particularly receptive to your tenderness and that he tries to show you how happy he is.

He coughs

Finally, a final explanation for your cat's tongue sticking out is that he suffers from a cough. Like the urge to vomit, a more or less sharp cough can keep your cat out of breath. This is why you will see him stick his tongue out to try to regulate his breathing and catch his breath.

While it's nothing to be alarming about your cat sticking out its tongue in such a circumstance, your main concern is the severity of her cough. Also, when your cat coughs too regularly and is struggling to catch his breath, it may be a good idea to see the vet.

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